Sir Ivan Magill: Anaesthesia After WW1

Sir Ivan Whiteside Magill (1888-1986) is one of the most innovative and well-known figures in modern anaesthesia. Initially an anaesthetist for surgeries on facial and jaw injuries after WWI, Magill pioneered new equipment and techniques that have been invaluable in the development of anaesthesia, including the Magill forceps, laryngoscopes and endotrachael intubation among many others.

Magill also helped to promote anaesthesia, encouraging colleges and societies to recognise the skills of anaesthetists and to see anaesthesia as a highly specialised field of medicine. He was instrumental in the foundation of the Association of Anaesthetists in 1932 and the Diploma of Anaesthesia in 1935.

This exhibition, first displayed at the AAGBI’s Annual Congress in 2013, presents some of the equipment developed by Magill.

Ivan Magill fishing